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Investing in an arcade game for the home or game room can be a daunting task if you don't know exactly what kind of game you're looking for. Buying a top ROI arcade machine for the arcade is a strategic decision as well. Invest in the top games so you can get the most in return. Which games are the best? What kind of games do you want in your game space? 

Check out this page to get an idea for what you're wanting to add to your game room.

Genre or Category

What kind of games do you want to add to your space? Sports, arcade classics, real-action, racing, air hockey, kids games? We carry around 100 different games to choose from and want to make this an easy decision for you. Consider which games you and your friends would like to play and then consider the space it will go in. Will you have all ages or adults only? We have many categories to choose from. Here is a list of some of our best-selling arcade game categories:

  • Air Hockey
  • Arcade Classics
  • Basketball
  • Dance Machines
  • Darts
  • Foosball
  • Hockey
  • Kids
  • Pinball
  • Racing
  • Shooters
  • Sports

Air Hockey

The Ice FX Pro Air Hockey table is our recommendation for air hockey table. Its eye-catching, a great size, plays beautifully, and comes in at a great price for the quality of table. Ice Games is the industry leader in table games and have tons of experience creating fun and competitive arcade games.

Arcade Classics

Well Pac-Man and PONG are hard to beat so we carry both of those in two awesome new versions. The Pac-Man Arcade Machine has a bundle of other games inside the cabinet and the PONG Table is a new electromechanical wonder as it mixes the classic play with modern 3D moving parts. We also carry more arcade classics in giant 10ft tall editions with Space Invaders and Bust-a-Move.


We carry tons of different basketball arcade machines and its hard to list all of the great aspects of those in one place. We recommend you browse through the basketball section and find one that fits your specific needs. We do love the new take on basketball and fusion of classic game with the Connect 4 Hoops game. 

This game brings the classic Connect 4 game with basketball skills. Be accurate and strategic against your opponent to beat them to connect 4 shots to win. 


There is one clear leader in our opinion on arcade electronic dartboards and the Spider 360 2000 Series Home Electronic Dartboard. Online connectivity, multiple game modes, great price, stunning visuals and gameplay, we can't say more. 


You can't go wrong with any of the Shelti Foosball tables that we carry. Just look through each product and find one that hits all the needs you have for your game room. The price points are very similar but they have some distinctive features among each other. 


We have more than a handful of really fun racing games for all ages. Some work better for older audiences with more realistic racing engines while some are perfect for the smaller gamers in our lives. Mario Kart has always been a fan favorite on home consoles but now you can enjoy a re-engineered arcade version with a new co-op mode!

For a more realistic experience check out the Asphalt 9 Legends arcade version. Tons of upgrades and add-ons make this game a really exciting addition to any game room. Our pick for the best kids racing game is none other than the classic BIGFOOT Crush Monster Truck arcade machine with simple controls and fun gameplay for all ages. 


This is another category where our selection shines as we have plenty of different types of shooting games from westerns to full on 5D experiences. Our favorite shooter from the list however is Jurassic Park arcade game with stunning visuals and fun co-op play. Halo is another fan favorite and the arcade version is absolutely incredible and addicting. 


We carry tons of different sports games from air hockey to hunting and deep sea fishing and more. Check out our vast selection of sports arcade machines here. You can't go wrong with the best fishing simulator game in the industry, Wicked Tuna, from the award-winning tv series. Go on epic adventures and reel in some of the most challenging fish in the sea.


No matter what arcade machine you're looking for, we will have an option for you among our selection. Browse through our categories and let us know if there is something specific you're looking for and we would be happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have. And as always, every one of our machines come with free US shipping.